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The Darker Sides of Kpop

I spent last weekend in LA attending Kcon and it was such an amazing experience. But it also left me thinking about some of the darker sides of k-pop (Korean pop) and what exactly goes into making such popular music.

I was lucky enough to get access to the EXO session. I started lining up at 10 AM for this session that wasn't happening until 2 PM. The staff thought my friend and I were crazy for wanting to sit out in the sun for four hours. But we just really wanted to see EXO in person. After a ton of unnecessary drama caused by the disorganization of Kcon, we finally got into the session. But it finished way too quickly. The session was scheduled to run for 30 minutes but ended up being 15 minutes long. There was supposed to be a fan signing but EXO left and didn't sign any albums. The people who had won the fan signing were given an apology and a card signed by one member of the band. Though I am so happy and thankful I got to see one of my favorite groups in person, I also am a little disappointed and upset from what I experienced.

When EXO came onstage, they didn't look happy. They all looked really tired. Specifically, Chen (my favorite member) looked really tired and uncomfortable. I remember hearing at an earlier panel that k-pop idols get, at the bare minimum, 30 minutes of sleep. Xiumin also looked extremely skinny. I love these guys to death but I don't want them to be living like that. Yes, I enjoy seeing them on tv shows and performing multiple times a week. But is it worth it to have them suffer sleep deprivation? Is it right that they have to take on extreme diets to fit the "ideal image" of a k-pop idol?

My weekend at Kcon was one of the best weekends of my life. But I wish fans would actively protest the lifestyle k-pop idols have to live through. Let them have more sleep! Let them eat some cheeseburgers! Don't overwork them anymore! I want my idols to be happy and healthy!
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Another Year

My second year of college has given me a lot of hope for my future. My professors seem amazing! Especially my microeconomics and public speaking teacher. However, ASU implemented walk-only zones to try and ease traffic around campus. This zone takes up the entire center of campus. It is almost impossible to get to any part of campus without going through this new zone. I'm all for easing traffic on campus but I think ASU could take a different approach to this.

There will always be bikers, walkers, skateboarders, and others competing for sidewalk space. I personally think ASU should try to split sidewalks into a "wheeled object" section and a walking section. This doesn't have to be done with a barrier. A painted line would work just fine. There just needs to be someway to separate walkers and bikers without limiting the area bikers can go into.

The current walk-only zone is phase one of ASU's plan. Hopefully, the other phases won't be as inconvenient as this one.
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The Mako Mori Test

I read a very interesting article about the Bechdel test and how it related to the new movie, "Pacific Rim". The Bechdel test basically decides whether or not a movie shows strong women or depicts them as weak and men-obsessed. The article discusses the dominant male presence in Hollywood and how "Pacific Rim" matches that image. But the movie did something a little differently; the leading stars are both people of color. Rinko Kikuchi, a Japanese actress, plays the strong Mako Mori while Idris Elba, a Black British actor, plays the main character. People have been criticizing the movie for failing the Bechdel test. But one thing they failed to notice was this movie passes the "people of color" test. It has been a very long time since I've been able to watch a movie and see an Asian American women play a leading role. This is actually a topic I've discussed numerous times with my friends and it always ends the same way. According to them, Asian Americans can't land leading roles because they aren't relatable. I must honestly say that this is completely ridiculous.

My childhood hero was Mulan. People always tell me that it is so typical of an Asian American girl to love Mulan and tried to make me feel embarrassed. But why should I be ashamed when Hollywood doesn't give me many options? There hasn't been a popular movie since Mulan that has had an Asian American heroine. I can't even think of one with an Asian American hero that isn't a kung fu star. I'm all for having a bigger and stronger presence of women in Hollywood. But I would like to see some more people of color acting as leading roles.
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A Life of Travel

My friend sent me an amazing article that talks about what a life of travel does for you. I've never felt so emotional after reading an article. Ever since my return from living in Singapore, I've had a thirst for traveling. I want to go out and see the world. I want to try exotic foods. I want to walk through the street markets and rural roads. I know that once I graduate college, I will be traveling. I just have to make sure I work hard enough now to secure that future. I already started a list of places I want to go. Hopefully, I'll be able to cross each and every destination off.

Read the article here.
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Put it in Perspective

This video has such an amazing message! I had so many feels after watching it. It's so interesting to see this idea being put into perspective. I hope this video is able to help a lot of people understand how it feels to be treated so badly by society.
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I have honestly been gradually moving away from k-pop for quite a while now. All the new releases never sound as amazing as k-pop once was. Then EXO released their new song and I don't know what happened to me. I'm hooked! I am literally in love with this group. I don't even know why! This is crazy. EXO has made me crazy. I've actually never been this invested in a group since BEAST. K-pop does weird things to people.
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I Know Where I'm Going Next

When I study abroad in China next year, I'm definitely going to go here. Doesn't it look amazing!? I've had this strange, new interest in natural and beautiful places. Arizona has some but they're up north and not near by. Plus the only one I know that is actually amazing is Fossil Springs. I wish I lived near woods or forests so I could see cool nature landscapes. Arizona's desert isn't the most photographic place. I've always wondered if I should live near places that have trees and greenery but then I remember that places with forests have actual winter. I can't handle cold weather. Singapore has beautiful landscapes! I'll just go back to Singapore.
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I always encounter these moments where I really really really miss Singapore. It has changed so much since I left. I think it has been almost two years since I briefly visited for the summer. I will never be able to express how much living in Singapore changed my life and made me a better person. I really hope I can live there in the future. Maybe I'll bring my family there!
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Freshman year of college has become a little less hectic so I've decided to start blogging again! This is my blog! It doesn't look like much and that's because I like simple yet eye-catching layouts. I'm not quite sure what I want to blog about yet but it will probably be random things that interest me. I also need to do this to improve my writing skills. I'm excited. LET'S GO~